Peeping Tom

The wandering wagon

Wandering Wagon: Concept Pilot


The wandering wagon is a new TV show that beautifully amalgamates the format of a travelogue and a music documentary.  The show weaves itself on the concept of how culture and customs influence local music. It covers the destination exploring the local culture, cuisines and local music artisans.

The show produced by peeping tom is a brilliant platform for the home-bred rockstars who have been restricted due to financial and societal pressures. The concept of a reality show has been infused as auditions are held to filter out local talent from schools, colleges, universities and local musical platforms in the destination sans any bar of age, genre and background. The fresh new artists so selected get a chance to feature in a song in collaboration with the local folk artists of the destination to retain the “desi” touch. The show is a showcase of passion as it brings together the three most elementary senses of sight, sound and palette. Further it explores fresh talent like never before. The artists display their talent at hot spots across the destination

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