Peeping Tom

Lexus International Advertising

Lexus International Advertising


Our insatiable curiosity about the intersection of people, technology, culture and brands fuels our work. We call this ‘Good Innovation’.

We are multicultural, media neutral and gain our strength from the more than 300 employees of the Drive Dentsu Network. Each with their own diverse specializations, our team continues to hone their intelligence and creativity, inspiring our culture of ‘Good Innovation’.

As part of the Drive Dentsu Global Network, Peeping tom benefits from the collective knowledge, tools and expertise spanning over 8 countries, 300 employees spread across over 14 offices worldwide.

‘Lexus – the pursuit of perfection’ is beautifully shot, edited and truly comes up with an international texture. It’s visually more appealing and less technical.

The Visual effects, the background music and the location add life in the campaign.

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