Peeping Tom

About Us

Peeping tom productions are conglomerates of Drive Dentsu which has a global presence in 8 countries in the MENA region, with 4 offices in KSA and 2 in UAE.

Throughout the years of our existence, ‘Drive Dentsu’ marked its reputation as a truly “out of the ordinary” advertising network, simply because it was not another agency built around a repetitive corporate model.


In an incredibly fast growing field, that often beats the ticking of time, Uniqueness and True Understanding are EVERYTHING. Two ingredients, which will separate a success story from just another cliché. After 15 years of servicing our clients with a deeper knowledge of the region’s cultures, trends and habits, we feel that it is time to provide the new brands investing in our region with our experience and know-how.

As 15 years passed by, we grew from 1 client to 100, from 1 creative award to numerous local, regional and international ones, from 20 employees to 300 and last but not least, from 1 office in Jeddah to 4 offices in Saudi Arabia and 8 offices in other markets of the region.

Today we celebrate our 15 years of talent, passion and audacity by boldy revamping our look, refreshing our identity and communicating it in an innovative way to the various markets where we operate.

Indeed, we do believe in local talents, passion and audacity.


Peeping Tom Productions, Inc. combines traditional artistry with the latest digital technology. We offer creative solutions for visual effects for film and TV with the emphasis on visual effects design and conceptual development, visual effects art directing and consultancy. We are best known for our digital environments and 2D/3D matte painting work.

Over the years Peeping Tom Productions has assembled a team of very talented artists who are at the core of the company in Burbank, California, India & Dubai.


Talent is a must


Passion is inherent in each of us


Audacity is our motto.